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Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Periodic Table of Elements Games

Follow the link above and complete starting with Element quiz games Level L and Level 1.

Then move to the Periodic Table Games.  Start with Level L and progress and completed successfully.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Meramec Caverns

Answer the questions about this article in preparation for the Meramec Cavern Field Trip.

1.  What is MO sometimes referred to as according to the article?

2.  How many caves have been surveyed in the state of MO?

3.  Which cave is the largest commercial cave in MO?

4.  In what year was Meramec Cavern open for public tours?

5.  Who originally opened the cavern to the public?

6.  What different strategies were used in advertising the caves to the public?

7.  Which river is Meramec Cavern located near?

8.  What problem continuously faces Meramec Caverns?

9.  When can I tour Meramec Caverns like patrons did in the 30's?

10.  How far will you travel while walking on the tour?

11.  What were key ingredients in making gunpowder during the Civil War that was found in the cave?

12.  Who and when originally named the cave "Saltpeter"?

13.  Why didn't the confederacy like Union Soldiers using the cave as a gunpowder facility?

14.  Who ran the "Yankees" out of the cave?  When?

15.  What Hollywood shows or films have used Meramec Caverns?

16.  Describe the formations known as "soda straws".  How are they formed?

17.Define "stalactites" (use Google).  How are they formed?

18. Define "stalagmites" (use Google). How are they formed?

19.  How are stalactites and stalagmites different?

20.  Describe one of the three features highlighted in the article (Mirror Lake, Onyx Mountain, or the Wine Room).  Which are you most excited to explore and why?